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About Us


Colors of Redmond is the synonym of elegance and style, which unites fashion and art. You are our inspiration, and our uniqueness and extravagance is our goal. Be a part of a unique reverie.

We are primarily characterized by a tendency towards an abundance of colors. This fashion line combines the characteristics of contemporary fashion trends: festoons, seasonal color palettes, diverse structures, with true traditional quality access, the creation and use of luxury materials.

The aesthetics of Colors of Redmond is most geared to the rich silk of India. Deepika in cooperation with you and your unusual, unique flavor creates sole pieces that have led to the Colors of Redmond being the # 1 Fashion House. At the very beginning, Colors of Redmond singled out by attractive, modern and bold models traditional clothing, a wide assortment of supply, affordable prices and a modern way of selling. Today, COR is really at the top of the Bollywood fashion industry at Seattle.



Are you attending a Bollywood party, an Indian wedding, festive occasion or are just in the mood for some beautiful and exquisite Indian wear, we are your one-stop shop. At Colors of Redmond, we will help you find the perfect attire for your occasion. 


Whether you are in the mood for a saree, lehenga, salwar suits, Kurtas, do you want to go self-color or contrast, we will help you get the latest and the best of what the Indian traditional wear has to offer.


And now…hold your breath…… about if we top it with some magnificent and matching jewelry!!!!!  So here’s introducing….SINDURA BY COLORS OF REDMOND.




Yes! Colors of Redmond can get you the complete look for your special occasion.

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