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No one knows our products better than our staff members, who strategically pick out pieces that will resonate with our shoppers and sell out fast. With our impressive space and our Satisfaction Guaranteed, it’s no surprise that we’re quickly gaining a reputation as the best Women's Clothing Store around.


We’re making huge strides in an attempt to turn our customers into the happiest shoppers in the Redmond area. With our boutique shop, unbeatable prices, supportive staff and our Personalized Attention, you’ll find very little if anything to complain about at Colors Of Redmond. We dare you to come just once.


We’re a leading fashion retailer, ready to support our customers with all their fashion related needs. From our beautiful space to our amazing staff, at Colors Of Redmond we are at your service, ready to support you with all your requests. We’re invested in making your shopping experience a pleasure.

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